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The market development momentum of China's air compressor industry is strong

Release time:2023-08-19Viewed times:79

Air compressor, together with electricity, water and steam, is called the four major industrial energy sources, and is widely used in industry, mining, engineering, medical industry and even agriculture. It is one of the popular energy sources next only to electricity. Its industry provides aerodynamic power for downstream industries, and its development will lead to

The progress of important industries such as steel and chemical engineering, mining and metallurgy, electronics and power, military and aerospace. Therefore, the development of the air compressor industry needs to actively respond to the demand environment, strengthen innovation momentum and expand growth space through reasonable layout, integration and optimization.

Throughout 2013, the country's macroeconomic control measures increased, and plans focused on operational efficiency and quality were successively introduced. The promotion rules for energy-saving products of air compressors have been released. It is expected that the annual growth rate of screw air compressors in China will be around 11% in the next few years, which has technological advantages

Leading enterprises with energy-saving advantages will continue to increase. The air compressor market in China has been expanding at a mid to high end scale, maintaining a driving force for continuous innovation, and striving to launch multi-level applications in new fields. In the coming years, the annual growth rate of China's compressor industry will be around 11%

Right, the replacement demand for screw air compressors continues, and the market development power of green air compressor products will gradually become strong.